Cost Containment

Increasing health care costs are one of the biggest issues that insurance and medical assistance organizations are facing today. Poorly managed, large claims can quickly extend out of control. Athens Assistance is constantly evolving to ensure that our international and domestic clients have a complete set of solutions to deal with these obstacles always according to the three universal fundamentals of healthcare: Access, Quality and Cost.

We recognize that strong medical provider relationships are essential to the ongoing delivery of effective cost containment and for this reason we carefully analyze claims to identify any opportunity to reduce health care expenses, without risking the patient’s treatment course or the cooperation with the provider. This analysis may produce opportunities to renegotiate charges and identify any duplicative or unnecessary codes thus providing our clients with exceptional service and significant cost saving plans with the below key strategies:

  • Cost control through healthcare provider contracts
  • Maximum healthcare quality
  • Elimination of unnecessary medical charges
  • Data and cost analysis
  • Fraud and abuse investigation
  • Real time auditing
  • Pre-authorization cost management

Finally, we implement with each client a customized to their needs cost containment strategy, aiming to the constant improvement of our services and to an economic balance for all involving parts.