Athens Assistance is an independent private company operating in the wider range of medical and travel assistance services, specialized in air ambulance, repatriations, case management, cost containment and claims handling.

Awards & Testimonials

International Assistance Group Partner

Meet the Team

Athens Assistance has been awarded from the partners of the International Assistance Group for the provision of high-quality services, winning the Quality Award 8 times. Professionals, clients and patients give their witness.

We are the only Greek member in the International Assistance Group, the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents that accepts the best partner from each country worldwide.

Athens Assistance team is based in Athens, Greece.In-house medical desk is specialized in medical assistance and air ambulance/repatriations with multilingual coordinators and doctors, with years of experience in emergency services, on 24/7 basis.

About Us

We are a member of International Assistance Group Alliance and we have been awarded several times for the provision of high-quality services building our International reputation on assistance services with reliability, professionalism and integrity.

We have been offering our services since 1993, the operations platform consists of multilingual coordinators and doctors, with years of experience in emergency services, on 24/7 basis.

Our in-house medical desk is specialized in medical assistance and air ambulance/repatriations: Aeromedical Retrieval and Emergency specialists with ICU equipment.

Our territory of activity is Greece & Cyprus, our staff are always present and available when you need us the most and ready to act.

We follow the international standards and controls; our company and medical staff are fully insured for air ambulance and repatriations providing detailed medical reports.

Our Services

Air Ambulance

Athens Medevac, the air ambulance service of Athens Assistance, provides 24/7 and immediate evacuation or repatriation of patients, with fully equipped medical aircrafts along with experienced medical team and full ICU equipment or on commercial flights with fully equipped medical escorts.

Medical and Nurse Escorts Repatriations

Athens Assistance provides medical escorts either for medical evacuations or for individuals who need special care during their travel on scheduled commercial flights.


Case Management

Athens Assistance has its own integrated case management process that facilitates recommended treatment plans and reassures that appropriate medical care and services are provided to ill or injured individuals.

Medical Assistance

  • International medical assistance
  • Immediate and 24/7 operation
  • Medical transfers – Ambulances
  • Medical evacuations anywhere in the world

Travel Assistance

  • Airplane and boat tickets booking
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Claims investigation and settling

Cost Containment

Increasing health care costs are one of the biggest issues that insurance and medical assistance organizations are facing today.

Roadside Assistance

  • 24/7 emergency road assistance
  • On spot repair
  • Towing service
  • Spare parts distribution